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  1. Little Too Late
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Started out with sweet hellos on our face
Now we’re in a race to be the one, who doesn’t say goodbye
Once we were everyone’s favorite pair
Now we can’t compare ourselves to anything that’s right


And these feet won’t walk one more step
In this backwards marathon
Cus I’d written my love on your chest
And woke up to find it gone
And if all that I had given you was the best of me to take
It’s a little too much, a little too late

Aching inside, holding hands as a show
Hoping no one knows the love that was
has disappeared and gone
Waking up to empty days full of waste
Dying with the taste of what we had lingering on my tongue

And I can see the whites of your eyes
And all I want to do is make you cry
But what else can I say?
When all the games we play you end up the winner
And I can’t take the chance that you won’t stay
So I will stand up straight as I walk away
Cus it’s a little too long, a little too much, a little too wrong