Sara Fontaine grew up in a large, musical family just outside on Windsor, ON.  She began studying and performing at the age of four and, even then, knew she had found her passion.  Sara's musical experience spans many instruments and genres.  Although she identifies herself most as a vocalist she also plays piano, guitar and flute.

Sara obtained her degree in voice from the University Of Windsor while working as a professional singer and entertainer at venues across Canada.  As a featured soloist in multiple theatre and Vegas style revue shows Sara kept very busy pursuing her career.  It was during this exciting time that Sara met and married her musician husband, Ryan. 

Although fulfilling, Sara's career lacked a creative outlet that let her sing in her own words from her own experience.  Picking up where she left off in high school Sara started writing and performing original material with much success.  After a few stops and starts in the recording process Sara released her first solo album "Home" in 2012.  Deeply personal, it contains messages that will resonate with listeners. Sara describes her writing as "less than transparent". Preferring to allow the listener to decode her ideas while enjoying her melodies. A trip into Sara's music is bound to leave you feeling refreshed, challenged and entertained.
Sara and Ryan have recently joined forces to become The Fontaines and continue to delight audiences with their acoustic sound and powerful music.

As well as writing her own music, Sara also owns and operates her own teaching studio, performs with her jazz group Soiree, and sings weddings in a professional trio.  As if all of this wouldn't keep her busy enough, Sara and Ryan have two daughters, Ava and Juliet.  Despite her hectic schedule, Sara strives to create music that is both inspiring and meaningful and to mentor the younger generation in music education and appreciation.

"Music is my life blood.  It not only defines me as a person but it gives me purpose and direction.  I may not be the most technically masterful musician but I passionately believe in what I do.  I would still sing if I couldn't be heard."
- Sara Fontaine


The Fontaines: Album Release

Green Bean Cafe, 2320 Wyandotte St W, Windsor

Windsor, ON duo Sara and Ryan Fontaine will release their first, full length studio album November 20th. The album features nine original pieces and one beautifully recreated folk tune. Sara and Ryan kept their signature sound intact by recording the guitar and bass tracks together “live off the floor”. The album has a cohesive “in your living room” sound with soaring vocals, beautiful harmonies and haunting lyrics. The songs range from laments for lost love to messages of empowerment. Never one to shy away from difficult subjects, Sara’s poignant lyrics about love, loss, meaning and life are thought provoking and relevant.

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